Automation Testing Platform


Organizations today have complex IT setups spanning diverse infrastructure, devices and software technologies. The need for integrated systems that can optimize delivery is tantamount at this stage. This demands solutions that can shorten the time-to-market of products by speeding up the entire testing process.


Time and quality will always act as a major judging factor in shifting the landscape of the software testing market. Testing needs to be more iterative, progressive, and will eventually become immutably integrated with development.


Delivering new product features and updates to customers rapidly without compromising quality will continue to be the most important factor of survival for organizations. Having the right mix of software testing competencies and testing capabilities, aligned with technology and practice revolutions, will help transform companies, offering a competitive advantage to respond to customer demands in the new, intelligent world order.

Restrictions with Manual Testing

Manual testing is impossible in an automated environment where code base is continuously built, deployed and tested (ex. DevOps). There is a demand for highly scalable, stable automation testing processes to ensure the quick delivery of a customer ready product.

Expectations from Automation Platform

  • Minimal time to set up and start
  • Easy and Low cost maintenance
  • Independent of Application
  • Minimal manual intervention
  • Capable of producing reports
  • Quicker in producing results
  • Capable of keeping historical results
  • Ease of scripting
  • Easy to understand and adapt
  • Easy to make changes
  • Highly re-usable
  • Modular, Scalable

Here we go!

That’s how we came up with CANOPY – an automation testing platform.

CANOPY is designed to ensure the delivery of quality assessed products to the customer with the shortest time-to-market. With provisions for default support of parallel execution and cross browser testing, CANOPY offers a robust and stable automated testing environment.

CANOPY helps developers’ to concentrate only on scripting the application functionality instead of focusing on basic features like browser manipulation, database communication, service communication and reporting.

As a bonus, there is no framework set-up required, and it can be used as a dependency plugin.

The platform can be used to create and execute Automation testing plans, and develop, run, analyze and report on a comprehensive automated regression testing suite.

Here’s the kicker - Users with no background in development or testing techniques, but have basic knowledge in Java and HTML elements, can accomplish these tasks with very little training.

Key Features


  • Layered Architecture
  • Framework as plug-in
  • Business Layer
  • Test Layer
  • Data access as plug-in

Test Layers

  • GUI
  • API / Services
  • Database

Data Source

  • Excel
  • Database [MySQL, MongoDB]


  • Jenkins execution
  • Standalone execution
  • Scheduled execution
  • Case based execution


  • Multiplatform Support
  • Multibrowser Support
  • Parallel Execution
  • Remote/Distributed Execution


  • Log File
  • HTML
  • Excel
  • Database
  • ELK


  • Available Anywhere on any devices
  • No Hardware / Software Dependencies
  • Uses Open Source Libraries
  • Java 8

Built In Support

  • Maven
  • TestNG
  • Continuous Integration(CI)
  • Continuous Testing(CT)


  • Sanity Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing